Laptop Repair

Laptop computers are an integral part of many peoples lives. They contain important documents, precious photos, and other important information. Common issues with laptops include: broken power cord connections, broken keyboards, cracked screens, and hard drive failures Repairing a laptop can sometimes be expensive. The parts can be hard to find and replacing them are often labor intensive. … more

Data Backup

Imagine standing in a room filled with thousands of hard drives. Would you be able to pick out the ones that will fail? This task is much easier than it seems. The fact of the matter is "All Hard Drives Fail". That's right, every single one. This includes the hard drives in your home computer as well as your laptop. Sounds pretty scary, huh? So what happens when your hard drive fails? Generally … more

Data Transfer

From photos to videos, to songs and movies, your collection of media takes up more and more space. People accumulate many gigabytes worth of data each year. Don't leave your precious files behind. When your PC or laptop finally dies or you decide to upgrade, let us transfer all your data over to your new computer. … more

Data Recovery

Data loss can be stressful. There are many ways data can be lost, from accidentally deleting a file to complete hard drive failure. So what do you do when you suddenly can't access that important file? Maybe you lost a whole drive worth of data or just a single file. Well take a deep breath and relax. In most cases the data can be recovered. Complete data recovery is possible in most situations. … more

Hard Drive Replacement

As we said before, "All hard drives fail". This is the hard truth. However, if you have a good backup plan you will be ready when your hard drive finally does fail. In situations where the hard drive fails and you do not have a backup of your data, you risk losing some or all of your data. Data recovery is time-consuming and can be expensive; while data backup is simple and cost less … more

Virus Removal

Constant Computing recommends that all users install and use anti-virus software. Whenever we perform any service on you computer, Constant Computing will make sure you have anti-virus software that is up to date. If you do not have anti-virus software installed, we will install one for you. Does your computer has a virus? How did it get there? There are several ways this can happen. Sometimes … more