Company Profile

Constant Computing is a technology company offering IT services for residential customers and small to medium businesses in Broward County. Our mission is to provide our clients with IT solutions that meet their business needs, increase efficiency and are up to date and reliable.

Constant Computing understands that technology is a part of daily life that people and businesses rely on. We provide immediate help to residential customers who have emergencies with their home computer. We also provide maintenance and data backup for residential clients to prevent emergencies from happening.

The founders of Constant Computing have over 10 years experience designing networking and software solutions for businesses. We understand how technology is used to streamline business processes. We can help your business set goals to make your business easier to manage and help you increase your profit at the same time. Constant Computing will provide you with the technology you need to run your business.

Working with Constant Computing is easy and less expensive than hiring a full-time employee. With Constant Computing you have a complete technology team on your side.