Internet Safety

  • This Gift-Giving Season, Be Smart About Smart Toys
    As you shop for the kids and teens on your list, you may be considering some of the cool options out there, either because they are asking for it or because you think they will love it. Whatever your motivation, smart toys – those that use technology in order to function in innovative ways that are fun, engaging, educational or all of the above – may be on t […]
  • It’s Time to Hit the Pause Button: Why We Should Never Stop Caring about Media Literacy
    Last month, the U.S. experienced one of the most horrific acts of violence when a lone gunman took aim at thousands of country music fans at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. In the moments immediately following, news of the rampage took over the media, on air and online. At times like these, many of us turn on the television, but many more of us choose to go […]
  • 5 Ways to Practice Healthy Social Media Skills This Summer
    Throughout the summer vacation months, most (if not all) kids are spending that time with their phones in hand.  While you're all taking a well-deserved break from the school year, don't take a vacation from using social media in smart ways.  Here are a few skills to help your kids remember and practice before they head back to school. […]
  • Impulsivity, Civility, Authenticity and Privacy: Announcing the Winners of the 2017 “What’s Your Story?” Video Contest
    We based this year's theme on the fact that the internet is imperfect. But we also felt that its faults and weaknesses might be different depending on whom you asked. So we posed the question: “If you could change one thing about the internet, what would you change?” Students' answers this year were not only well thought out and well produced, but […]
  • What If You Could Change the Internet?
    Today, we celebrate Safer Internet Day, a time when the world recognizes the importance of helping young people, and frankly all people, become safe, responsible, and successful navigators of the internet and enthusiasts of technology. Unlike every other day of the year, when we dispense advice, we use Safer Internet Day as a time to stop and listen to youth […]