Network Solutions

Perfect Net
Constant Computing can help you design and install the perfect network for your home or business needs.

Modern homes today are filled with devices that connect to the internet or to other devices on your local network. These include: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, printers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and even TVs. These devices will sometimes connect wirelessly and sometimes through a wired connection.

Setting up a network that can provide connectivity to all these devices is becoming an increasingly complex task. A common challenge is providing a good quality wireless signal across your entire living or workspace.

Constant Computing can design and setup a network that will handle all of your needs with a focus on security, reliability, backup, and cost.

Net Potential
Have you unlocked your net potential?

Many devices have additional features when connected to the network. Did you know that you can access your PC desktop from your laptop? Did ever want to check something on your computer from your tablet? Did you know your Blu-ray player can access additional content online such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more?

Businesses have their own set of network challenges. Most businesses require the ability to securely store and share documents, backup data, share printers, access computers remotely, create new users, remove old users, and limit access to the internet; blocking websites that are dangerous, offensive, or against company policy.

Have you recently opened your business, or is your business growing? Constant Computing will design a network that will grow with your business. Whether you have 3 or 300 users, we will design a network that will provide you the functionality and reliability that you need to keep your business running.